V.O.F. Hazet Zaandam

Hazet based in the Netherlands, is a professional wholesale with a large international network, due to its partnership with Igefa and INPACS. They provide cleaning supplies, professional cleaning equipment and personal protective equipment like; modern company clothing and work shoes for safety purposes. With two offices and a logistics center Hazet reaches the whole Netherlands.

About Hazet:
Professional logistics, fast mobile service and a full range assortment characterizes the company, as well as their essential quality certificates. A reliable family business that grows through the powerful combination of direct involvement and professionalism and that since the establishment in 1931.

Core Business:
Hazet operates in the following sectors; Cleaning, (Food) industry, Hospitality, Leisure, Healthcare, Construction and Government. Quality, environment and innovation is their focus. They advise clients in sustainable procurement and demands the same from its suppliers. The company assures their customers that their knowledge and service are connected to a competitive pricing. Direct support is therefore the most successful method.

Quality, Outstanding Service and Professional Advice
As a reliable and accurate partner Hazet represents the best premium brands including a complete private label line. Optimal service is their top priorty. The in-house printing of clothing, on-site repair and private fleet makes the company unique.
In addition to the service they offer, they also have a modern order system for customers with multiple objects and a webshop. Besides personal (e.g via telephone) advice there is a possibillity to pick up goods and have some advice in a modern showroom in Zaandam.

V.O.F. Hazet Zaandam
Pieter Lieftinckweg 30
1505 HX Zaandam

phone: +31 (0) 756504030

website: www.hazet.igefa.nl


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