IGEFA Handelsgesellschaft

Igefa is your reliable partner in Germany and neighboring countries, when it comes to supply solutions. As a strong network of medium-sized family-owned companies, they combine two strengths: uniform, high standards of service together with fast, flexible solutions in each geography.

Act together is their slogan and also the principle of how they are doing business: as your partner, Igefa supports you in all aspects: from expert advice to flexible supply solutions. Active together is also the force behind their success. Igefa offers you their unique service, thanks to a strong network of specialists.

A network of expertise
Igefa is your competent partner, because the company combines the necessary expertise - within and outside Igefa.

  • As a strong network of family-owned companies, Igefa combines two strengths: a nationwide unified offer along with individual support in each region. This unique combination is possible through their medium-sized, crosslinked structure. Each regional Igefa partner is now in the second or third generation of their business history and is committed to Igefa’s common high standards of service. Together with the international partners, Igefa also offer you an efficient service in Europe, North America and Australia.
  • In order to best support you in every situation, Igefa is working with well-established specialists such as Kenter with their cleaning mashines or Kompetenz4 for personal protection products. Together with leading brand manufacturers, Igefa develops solutions for professional applications, often setting new standards in the industry.

On the safe side
As a strong partner in your supply chain, Igefa ensures that you can concentrate on your core activities and on increasing the value of your business. To this purpose, Igefa stands with decades of experience and business relationships as well as concerted, ISO-certified processes.

This way, you are always well supplied.

IGEFA Handelsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG
Henry-Kruse-Straße 1
16356  Ahrensfelde

phone: +49 (0) 33394 51-0
website: www.igefa.de

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