Pamark Oy

Their value proposition, "What do you need today," obliges them to develop their range of products and services according to your needs.

This is Pamark

Known to be working with the industry's best: they are always looking for new products and solutions that bring the benefits and savings for you and make their cooperation more smoothly.

Ordering and logistics operations are the core of their customer service: your order will be shipped quickly and as agreed.

Keywords are reliability, flexibility, suitable for selling items, supply and short delivery time. Other ancillary services to include. Installation services, maintenance, operations and customer inventory management.

Strong relationships with clients and international contacts, among others. Igefa, ensures you competitive prices, high quality products and reliable delivery.

Pamark Oy
Robert Huberin tie 2
01510 Vantaa

phone: +358 (0) 201 555 660


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