RapidClean is a cooperative of cleaning supply specialist stores located throughout Australia and now also in New Zealand. All stores are locally owned and managed.

All of their stores are managed and staffed by Cleaning Supplies Specialists.
Since 1985, RapidClean has combined specialist experience and purchasing power to provide Australia with the best cleaning supplies. The company has grown to a co-operative of 41 stores throughout the country.

Each RapidClean store is dedicated to providing a huge product range and an expert level of personalised service whilst maintaining excellent costs. RapidClean stores will make purchasing your cleaning supplies easier and more convenient.


100% Australian owned and operated.
RapidClean is proudly 100% Australian owned, and is pride to deliver cleaning products and give advices that are just right for the job at the most effective costs. They are different from the large multi-national owned “box movers”. When you talk to RapidClean staff in stores, it's likely you will be dealing with the business owner or a family member, who takes customer service seriously. The staff cares about the integrity and reputation of their business, and will ensure you receive the right product for your needs at the right cost. RapidClean can assist with technical advice to help your business operate smoothly and more effectively.

Cleaning supplies – backed by great service!
The company sources and stocks all of the cleaning supplies you know and trust, along with the added option of high quality and cost effective RapidClean products. New products are regularly added to the product range to ensure the possibility to always offer the latest improved cleaning products to help you to perform better.

RapidClean is part of your local community
RapidClean co-operative members are part of your local community. Each business provides employment opportunities in and around their local area. The staff consists of specialists, who thrive on offering professional customer service and support.


Rapid Group Co-operative Ltd
Unit 3 / 76 Regentville Road
Penrith, New South Wales 2750

phone: +61 (0) 2 4721 1993

website: www.rapidclean.com.au

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