Together we are stronger!


Dear friends and colleagues,

You can find all updated information on this special page, our answer to the question "How can I help?" as a private person and as an organisation.

Providing housing for refugees

Many thanks to everyone who expressed a desire to accept refugees from Ukraine! The main flow of people goes to countries neighbouring Ukraine: Poland, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary, as well as Germany. We know that some people use the possibility to move to other European countries, so the offers from all geographies are welcome!

Together with Anastasiia Kharko (Betta Service), we are ready to jointly coordinate the accommodation of Betta Service employees, their families, friends and acquaintances. If you and your family are ready to accept refugees, please copy-paste this form, fill it out and send to and we will link you with the family in need.

Your name, surname


Country, address


How many people can you accept


Spoken languages


Email address


Phone number


I hereby agree that my personal data be processed by INPACS GmbH and transferred to the third parties for the purposes of creating a refugee accommodation network.

Please forward this information to all your colleagues! Thank you very much for your solidarity and support!



You can also use your private transport to bring the refugees to the camps or to the hosting families. You can also send us your contacts in case you are ready to provide your transport for the families we are going to accommodate.



Arriving refugees also need support in temporary shelters, so if you speak Ukrainian and / or Russian, you can contact the nearest refugee center in your city and help with translation.



There are many places where all items are collected and sorted. And there very person counts! If your employees wish to join volunteer assistance, please discuss this option internally.


“Together we are stronger” – is not just a slogan. By joining forces we can do it!

We would like to thank you once again for your support and solidarity with Ukrainian people!

Stay healthy and safe!