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A 50th Celebration that is about the people

Throughout 2018 NETWORK Members, suppliers, partners, and staff have honoured the people of NETWORK and the milestone 50 years of success. The cornerstone event capping off the year of festivities was hosted at the Stockholders’ & Membership meeting in early October, in Chicago, Illinois.

Alan Tomblin, President and CEO of NETWORK, states, “Since 1968 the organization has done much more than stand the test of time. Together we’ve designed a business model that adapts and succeeds in an ever-changing distribution landscape. To be sure, this is an accomplishment born of collaboration and partnership. Support from the members, the companies they lead, the corporate staff at NETWORK HQ, the end-user customer base and the supplier community all play a critical role in the impressive growth NETWORK has achieved. For fifty years we’ve enjoyed unsurpassed success that took root all those years ago.” Alan added, “I believe the 50th Anniversary theme ‘Five Decades Strong and Getting Stronger’ captures the spirit on which we’ll rely to move forward.” 

An INPACS delegation took part at the 50th Anniversary Event in Chicago. “It has been a special occasion to get to know our American friends better and to broaden our market vision. INPACS and NETWORK, as the two biggest independent non-food wholesalers, recognized the strong need for a greater collaboration”, so Davide Magris, Chairman of INPACS. 

As Alan Tomblin said in front of NETWORK members "[INPACS colleagues] were like cousins and now we are like brothers. With the support of the INPACS organization, we look forward to our continued mutual global evolution!”