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Betta Service’s new brand identity

Our Ukrainian member Betta Service is proud to announce the launch of a new logo as part of the ongoing evolution of their brand.

In August 2018 Betta-Service Ltd underwent a comprehensive rebranding and marketing overhaul to reflect and symbolise their values and aspirations.

The idea of a rebrand was first discussed in 2016.  The previous logo was a reminder of all they have achieved and a big part of the personality of the company, having been in use since 2010.  After 6 years though, it became apparent that a change was necessary to reflect the progress the company has made. With the new logo they move forward, striving to reach new heights for their clients and employees and to spearhead and motivate a culture of hygiene in Ukraine. The previous logo was easily recognised in the market as an indicator of hygiene, cleanliness and Betta Service’s reputation, the new one represents the commitment to those values and the intention to improve, develop and innovate within their sphere.

One of the key requirements for the new corporate style was a clear associative line, connecting the name of the company Betta Service with hygiene and readiness for innovation. They have evolved to become much more than just a supplier of materials and as a result an important part of the work is now consulting and services. In an oversaturated market the clients look for Betta Service to provide clarity and make decisions based on years of experience. Betta Service carefully considers available options and products, building a bespoke and comprehensive solution to meet the precise needs of the clients.