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Gold CSR Rating by EcoVadis


Following an external evaluation by EcoVadis of all social, environmental, labour and fair business practices at the INPACS head office, our organisation achieved a Gold Status CSR rating (advanced). With 70/100 points, INPACS GmbH was ranked in the top 3% of best-rated companies within its business category.

“This meritorious and exceptional result is a great acknowledgement of our commitment towards our sustainable approach and practices”, highlighted José Del Pino, CEO of INPACS. “Our CSR efforts are a clear statement to our global customers and partners within the industry. Working on this direction, we are delighted to positively contribute in our industry to a greater sensibility towards the importance of being sustainably committed.”

In the past few years INPACS has increased its CSR awareness through the implementation of environmental management as well as CSR reporting according to the Sustainable Code and is now working on getting all of its member companies CSR rated. This approach also recognises the rising demands from our international customers for sustainable supply chains and transparent policies. In this regard, INPACS will continue to strongly focus on the sustainable development of its organisation in 2017.

EcoVadis is an independent Sustainability Rating platform for companies to record, evaluate and communicate its standards, measures and activities in support of its corporate social responsibility. The easy-to-read sustainability ScoreCard of each evaluated company is based on the performance in 21 criteria in four themes including environment, fair labour practices, fair business practices and supply chain. While fostering transparency and trust between customers and trading partners, the universal evaluation removes the need for time-consuming individual customer requests exploring the supplier`s SCR activity.