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Hazet Sustainability Seminar 2019 and introduction of new logo


Hazet, the Dutch member of INPACS, organized a sustainability seminar for their customers, with a focus on Building Service Contractors, HoReCa and Medical.

Main topics of this seminar were the effects of legislation, circular recycling programs and how customers can implement sustainability within their company with the support and solutions of Hazet and its suppliers.

During the seminar Hazet also introduced their new logo.

“Hazet is bigger and more professional than ever before and we want to present ourselves to the regional, national and international market. That is why we leave no stone unturned to follow the footsteps of our partner INPACS. According to our standards, a new logo must have a corresponding look and feel, professionalism, recognition and association. With great pride and enthusiasm, we were pleased to introduce our new logo to all present guests and suppliers!”, so Wanda van’t Veer, Managing Director of Hazet.