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“igefa Go“ now available at App-Stores


After its successful introduction at the CMS fair in Berlin in September and a thorough examination by Google and Apple, “igefa GO” is now available for download in the relevant app stores.

During the CMS many visitors caught up on the practical functions of the app during a series of short demonstrations on various smart phones and they were delighted that this app both simplifies and digitalises communication between cleaning staff and facility managers. To report the demand directly via the app – also offline – opens up new possibilities. 

“igefa Go“ is a new and useful tool to optimise processes for both the facility manager and the building cleaner. With this app and its iBeacon technology the respective buildings/objects the cleaning worker is in are quickly, automatically and contactless identified. This way the location determination especially in enclosed spaces is a lot more precise than with conventional technologies such as GPS or WLAN. With “igefa Go” the machine fleet can be visualised and the cleaning machines therefore localised in the building, information about their products and service can also then be retrieved.