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IGEFA s.r.o. now IGEFA–ROIN s.r.o.


One of the main pillars of the INPACS Strategic Plan 2022 is to preserve the DNA of our members being Family-Owned Businesses, thus enabling their further and long-term development on national and international level respectively. Taking into account this important strategic goal and its customer centric approach, INPACS GmbH aims to facilitate the process of its members’ consolidation.

In this context, we would like to inform you that on September 19th, the Czech INPACS member, the company IGEFA s.r.o., has been sold to the Slovakian INPACS member, the company ROIN s.r.o., and has been re-named in IGEFA-ROIN s.r.o.

At this point, INPACS GmbH would like to thank the German Family Wölflein, and particularly Mr. Robert Wölflein, for its and his dedication in the creation and development of the INPACS presence in the Czech market during the past years which has been marked by a considerable expansion of International Sales in this region in the past years.

Being the owner of ROIN s.r.o., Mr. Miroslav Belica has now taken the responsibility to expand the business further in this region in two countries, Czech Republic and Slovakia. Since its incorporation within the INPACS Family, Mr. Belica has demonstrated the professional implementation of our Global Supply Solution Concept in the past years and has been successfully reconducting our market presence in his region. At this point, INPACS GmbH would like to express its thanks to Mr. Belica for his commitment and partnership – the journey is commencing now.

The synergies out of this step are significant and we are sure that in future, all our partners can rely on the continuation of a strong presence in these two geographies by one INPACS member. The contact persons on operational levels in both companies remain the same.