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INPACS - Distributor of the year 2016

19.10.16OKBerlin HQ
INPACS received the industry award in the category of Distributor – Excellence in Added Value Services during the European Cleaning & Hygiene Awards in Barcelona.

The inaugural event of the European Cleaning & Hygiene awards was organised by the European Cleaning Journal, the only pan-European publication in our industry to recognise and reward excellence in this sector. Ten different categories, including sustainability, leadership, contractor partnerships, innovation and others were introduced and available for entry, covering the entire industry.
Despite strong competition INPACS took the first place in the category of Distributor – Excellence in Added Value Initiatives. As the only truly global group of distributors we illustrated how our organisation goes well beyond the function of delivering cleaning products by continuously offering true innovation in client solutions. It is an honour, and we are proud, for INPACS to have received this award and the recognition from all finalists and industry leaders as to our expertise in this category.
INPACS, as an organisation, with its unique geographical coverage in more than 35 countries in Europe plus Israel, Australia, North and South America, is very aware of both its social and environmental responsibilities. Being a major influencer in the market we increasingly support social and sustainability projects. As an indication of our strong engagement in this area INPACS sponsored the category of Sustainability at the European Cleaning and Hygiene Awards.
It was therefore a great pleasure for Holger Jung, Global Corporate Account Director of INPACS to present the prize for the first place in the Sustainability category to Markas GmbH. As a leading contractor in Italy, Austria and Romania, Markas succeeded in demonstrating how the principles of sustainability are fundamental to the culture of their company and the key initiatives they implement.
The careful planning of the event has exceeded all expectations in terms of quality as well as quantity and offered an exceptional platform to further increase the awareness about INPACS and the values for which we stand. We congratulate all winners of awards and were very pleased for the opportunity to take part in this excellent event.