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INPACS Sustainability Report 2019 published


Thanks to the input of numerous departments and colleagues, the INPACS Sustainability Report for 2019 has been published on June 17th. The report represents a Declaration of Conformity with the German Sustainability Code. Anyone interested can either view it in the database of the Sustainability Code or download it from our website in the download area.

The Sustainability Code is an internationally applicable and recognized reporting standard for topics relating to sustainability, which can be used free of charge by organisations and companies of all sizes and legal forms. To comply with the Sustainability Code, users create a declaration on twenty non-financial criteria and supplementary performance indicators in the database.

In the report, we create transparency on the strategic pillars of our sustainability strategy and management at our head office and within the network. Furthermore, the reader learns about the calculation of our first carbon footprint, which reveals how much CO2 and other greenhouse gases were emitted by INPACS' business in 2019.