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INPACS - WFBSC Gold Sponsor


INPACS is an official sponsor of the 22nd congress of the World Federation of Building Service Contractors (WFBSC) being held from 18-20th September 2017 in Berlin.

The federation will gather global market leaders and top decision makers from the BSC industry. During last year’s congress in Tokyo the event attracted over 800 participants.

As a gold sponsor, INPACS will enjoy an unprecedented opportunity to promote our unique Global Supply Solution to international BSC customers. The congress provides a fantastic occasion to lay the foundation for future business opportunities for our members.

At the same time of the congress, the CMS trade exhibition will take place also in Berlin from 19th to 22nd September. This exhibition has an increasing importance within Central and Eastern Europe with visitors from over 65 countries.  Our German member organisation IGEFA will have a large booth area at the CMS. INPACS as their international partner will be strongly represented using the synergies in the best possible way for both events.