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Let’s keep it CLEAN and CLEVER

When two strong brands meet each other for cooperation it means we are witnessing the beginning of a success story.

Magris as a private label has been a well-established and successful brand on the Italian market for more than 10 years. Nevertheless, the company decided to bet on CLEAN and CLEVER within their private label development strategy.
Davide Magris, Board Member of the company, says “Our private label offering has been an incredible journey initiated to respond to the demands of our customers for excellent professional products at reasonable prices, and to execute our business strategy of a distinctive offering from our competitors. This path culminated in the ECOLABEL award in 2017, officially recognizing our efforts in creating a private brand of quality and sustainability.  Our decision to move to the Clean and Clever label is to embrace the same strategy internationally with INPACS. We are confident that together we can take advantage of more sales and purchasing opportunities for the benefit of all INPACS stakeholders - customers, members and suppliers.”

For a smooth process of switching to the new brand, Magris chose a Co-Branding approach and developed a step-by-step program for every product group within this assortment. Having started with paper products in December 2018, the company is going to proceed with cleaning chemicals and utensils soon. The transition period will take approximately 2 years and after this time our Italian member will focus its marketing energies on the CLEAN and CLEVER Brand. Good luck with the new beginning!