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Magris acquires KLINKO SRL


In July on the occasion of the Sales Panel, Magris Group announced with great satisfaction the acquisition of the whole stake of Klinko Srl, a historic company in Rome.

Klinko Srl is a healthy company based in Lazio that has operated successfully in the cleaning industry for over 30 years, distinguishing itself for the quality of the service offered to its customers. The company, wholly owned by the Magris Group, will operate all over Lazio and distribute all the brands currently supplied by Magris SpA.

We are confident that this decision will offer the best opportunities to all of our customers and will strengthen the presence of our group on the territory. Thanks to this acquisition, Magris Group will gain further growth not only in terms of revenue but also in the knowledge of its industry. This is the latest act of a series of acquisitions inaugurated by the Magris Group in 2003, to create an ever more capillary and structured Italian network.