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Magris - ECOLABEL National Award 2017


On the occasion of the twenty-fifth anniversary in the national and international markets, ECOAUDIT (Italian Competent Ecolabel Committee) and ISPRA (The High Institute for Environmental Protection and Research) organized the second edition of the EU ECOLABEL AWARD. Where Magris Group won the ECOLABEL NATIONAL AWARD 2017, for the “Promotion and Communications - Products section” - Big Enterprises, demonstrating how to pay great attention to the environmental impact of products they deliver and to be responsible for spreading a culture of environmental sustainability and eco-compatibility.

For years the Company has been interested in the Ecolabel brand and since 2010 has strongly wanted to create its own product line containing this Certification. In collaborating with the world's largest paper brands, Magris required the products to be manufactured according to Ecolabel features and carried out marketing campaigns to launch the low-impact paper line throughout its production process. Since 2013, it has also developed a line of chemicals with the same characteristics.

The Magris Group is always ready to invest in products with a limited environmental impact.