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New INPACS supplier Lucart – a natural choice


Have you ever imagined producing paper starting from a beverage carton? Lucart decided to be a pioneer in trying to make it and 10 years ago the first tissue paper product manufactured from recycling a beverage carton was finally a reality. Within Lucart this is known as the Fiberpack® project developed together with Tetra Pak®, the main multinational player in producing containers for liquids, and it is commercialized in the professional division as EcoNatural brand line. This represents a second life for beverage cartons as 74% of the material used to produce them is cellulose. The result of this recycling process is an unbleached tissue product that can claim the highest level of strength, absorbency and softness.
What happens then to the remaining 26% of the beverage carton components? These components are Aluminium and Polyethylene and Lucart uses even those 2 materials to create a range of Al.Pe dispensers for the washroom area combining the concept of sustainability with market demand for easy handling, fine design and reliability.
EcoNatural has, therefore, become the paper+dispenser line that introduces a circular economy model with the transformation of the previously mentioned components into two new raw materials. This makes EcoNatural a real sustainable system confirming his position as a brand line that redefines the standard of innovation.

INPACS is now delighted to announce a new international cooperation with Lucart. This new cooperation will help INPACS to continue its sustainability strategy. If you are asking yourselves how this is possible, we can anticipate Lucart has developed a calculator quantifying the number of beverage cartons recovered, the trees saved and the CO2 not emitted in the atmosphere. If you want to have a real impact, this is the way.