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Orbita Dashboard


The INPACS Orbita Dashboard had been nominated for an award in the category of Management & Mobility Solutions / E-Cleaning at Interclean 2018. This application combines Business Intelligence and Big Data technologies in a single platform. An intuitive interface converts large data volumes into knowledge for fact-based decision making and sustainable optimisation of the supply chain for non-food products. Different data sources of purchases and other variables that may affect that purchase are merged together. This way the data is converted into useful knowledge for the customer. The goal of this app is to facilitate the understanding and optimisation of the supply chain processes.

Other benefits of the Orbita Dashboard is the budget control and dispersion reduction of purchased products, facilitation of the comparative consumption analysis by e.g. branch or country to identify best practices and some other new functionalities that will be implemented gradually.

INPACS are leveraging the Orbita project for the organisation’s digital transformation process. The cleaning and hygiene industry, like many others, is strongly impacted by the changes imposed upon all organisations by new technologies. For this reason INPACS GmbH is making this significant investment and putting data at the centre of its digital strategy. Thus building new layers of added value that will allow INPACS to maintain its competitive edge and continue to lead the distribution market at an international level.

For more information about the advantages Orbita Dashboard can bring to your business please contact us. Orbita Dashboard is open to participation of all market players.