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Pamark takes a new step in cleaning industry – business acquisition of Tamatek brings new expertise into the company

Expanding the business – having multiple business pillars are only two of the things the crisis has taught us. INPACS member Pamark went to action and has bought the business activities of Tamatek LLC at the end of May.

Tamatek has been working in cleaning industry focusing on cleanrooms, and thus, has provided cleaning products and equipment for cleanroom maintenance. The ownership of Tamatek business has been transferred to Pamark as of June 1st, 2020.

The cleanroom expertise has increased in Pamark, as Tamatek's previous owner Taina Leino has joined the cleaning team as a product manager. “ The acquisition gives us the opportunity to serve both Pamark and Tamatek customers more versatile and with strong professional skill. The field of cleanroom maintenance is a natural step forward when developing the cleaning segment of Pamark. Taina joining our cleaning team is a great asset to the whole company. We are delighted and thrilled to have her as a part of our organization”, says Jussi Nevas, Pamark CEO.
”I want to thank the customers of Tamatek for fantastic cooperation during the years, and I continue to serve in cleanroom matters in the future. With the support of Pamark organization, a wide range of quality products completed with Tamatek products and well-functioning logistics and warehouse, we may serve our customers even better than before”, Taina Leino expresses her excitement.

“Our finish Partner Pamark, as a true reflection of its entrepreneurial behaviour, has invested recently in a market with great potential: cleanrooms. This important and strategic step gives Pamark the ability to be a benchmark in this market in the coming future. One more sample of how our members are investing in their markets strongly during these challenging times. We welcome our new colleagues of Tamatek and look forward to utilizing synergies in the coming and bright future together” emphasises José Del Pino, INPACS CEO.

Pamark was founded in 1985 as a family-owned business. In over 30 years the company has evolved from selling soft tissues out of a home garage to a workplace for 58 employees, with a 5000m² warehouse.