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The South American Partner of INPACS - Allia - has a new Executive Director


Here is the official announcement and introduction:

Rodrigo Senday new Executive Director of Allia

After an extended and careful selection process, it is a pleasure to introduce our new Executive Director. Rodrigo Senday has distinguished himself not only by his enthusiasm for our value proposition but also by his wealth of experiences and adaptability skills. He has worked with a focus on people and sales, being aware of the challenges inherent to both entrepreneurship and leadership in a global company and having lived in several places and countries.

We believe that such experiences in diverse markets shall enrich an innovative company like ALLIA. His appreciation for the distribution business model and his solid background in network-related activities are also fundamental complements to his profile. His last corporate position was as Sales Vice-President for Tupperware.

Rodrigo’s arrival opens a new phase in ALLIA, which commits to building a moresales-oriented organization, collaborating on the expansion of its associated companies (distributors and suppliers), and enhancing the services offered to corporate clients. We also aim at applying more technology to our processes and at strengthening the horizontal aspect of our network, further reinforcing the connections with our Allies.

Rodrigo will be busy in the next few weeks getting to know as much as possible about ALLIA, our distributors, partners, and clients. We have a shared responsibility in that matter. I count on your help to update him about the characteristics of our market, our challenges, and opportunities.

Meanwhile join us in welcoming Rodrigo. May we all achieve great things together!

Ricardo Vacaro
Chairman of the Board