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Toprent’s new HQ and logo


Toprent moved into their new HQ in Skanderborg which consists of a 9.000 square meter warehouse and 2.000 square meter offices on 2 floors. Together with the Kruse family they have built a modern warehouse with high growth potentials for the future.

2017 is a special year for Toprent, because not only have they moved into a new fantastic HQ, they have also given the somewhat outdated logo a new and needed facelift. The new logo signal’s both Toprent’s classical virtues of quality and reliability, as well as a modern outlook into the future as a total solution provider. The design of the logo gathers the letters T and R in one symbol and tells the story of cohesion and a strong unit. The circle around the letters is a visualization of the 360 degrees, which is Toprent’s promise to their customers - to deliver a total solution with the customer in the centre.