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    INPACS Travel Challenge

    How we strengthen the team spirit at our head office, save CO2, and make a social impact

    Recently, we at INPACS investigated where our biggest CO2 saving potential lies: in travelling. For this reason, we developed a Travel Guideline.


    Business travel accounts for over 80% of our total carbon footprint.

    This is mainly because we are a service company with only few office spaces but a lot of international key account management. To motivate all team colleagues to follow the guideline, we wanted to make it as fun and attractive as possible. That is why we came up with the Travel Challenge.



    With the Travel Challenge we collect points (“bees”) together.

    These are given as soon as the train is chosen instead of the plane for a business trip. The bees are collected with an integrated tool and translated into money by INPACS.

    Half of the collected money will be donated to a social project, half will be invested in team building activities.

    This way, we want to motivate our employees to travel more consciously.


    INPACS CEO José Del Pino points out:

    „With this measure we want to significantly reduce our carbon footprint – for future generations, create an incentive for our employees to contribute to a social project by collecting bees and strengthen the team spirit in our company.“


    Now, we decided to show off with our travel challenge and participate in the Deutsche Bahn #ClimateMobilityChallenge 2023.