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    INPACS for Members

    Our members are part of the largest organization in our market and enjoy a number of obvious benefits:

    Growing your local business to a global scale

    International development and exchange of experience helps to strengthen positions both locally and globally.

    Procurement optimization

    Joint sourcing opportunities and access to the INPACS supplier network.

    Strong support of your sustainable development

    with our Sustainability School, digital tools for further optimization and much more.

    Extensive know-how transfer

    available to all INPACS members thanks to constant networking in-person and online.

    Optimisation of your internal processes

    Our knowledge and digital tools allow you to implement new and improve existing processes.

    Growth and development

    Access to a number of international customers and expansion of your product portfolio.

    We are a sales driven organisation of family-owned businesses from different geographies. Our members are part of the largest organisation in our market. Together we stand for reliability and sustainability, traditions and innovations.

    Do you want to learn more? We will be happy to give you further information regarding the membership at INPACS – please contact us any time!