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    Sustainability at INPACS

    As a global distribution network INPACS is aware of its responsibility and opportunity to promote and encourage sustainable practices within our members’ operations and throughout the whole supply chain from production to disposal.
    We want to walk the path to sustainability by multiplying our findings so that we can all reach significant changes together.

    Our Vision

    We drive high standards and innovation for sustainable value chains from production to disposal. We act as a multiplier for sustainable development in our markets and internally.

    Our sustainability approach is not a marketing tool, we deal honestly with our responsibility towards the environment and our stakeholders. We do not accept greenwashing: This means all sustainability claims must be based on reliable, comparable and verifiable information.

    Sustainability is an integral part of our corporate culture as family businesses. We think in terms of generations and we are responsible employers. We become the sustainability expert and visionary in the markets in which we operate.

    Our Sustainability Commitment

    INPACS drives high standards and innovation for sustainable value chains from production to disposal. Sustainability is an integral part of our corporate culture as family business. Our sustainability strategy is underpinned by the official framework of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


    Our INPACS sustainability strategy is based on the shown 3 SDGs where we can have the biggest impact with our business activities.

    We support and drive our members forward to implement sustainable practices in the 3 action fields:


    Procurement and Supply Chain:

    Our goal is that all INPACS suppliers commit to and transparently operate in line with our Code of Conduct. We provide for our members a systematic and transparent supply chain monitoring in order to help them comply with their social responsibility and supply chain legislations.


    Products and Services

    We support our members to continuously increase the number of sustainable alternatives in their product range. We initiated a Sustainability School for our members to teach and share knowledge about sustainability. We are working on creating a Sustainability Consulting Concept for our customers.


    Organisation and Workforce:

    We expect all INPACS members to transparently operate in line with our Code of Ethics. We support our members to measure their CO2 footprint as a first step for climate action.

    What We Do For Our Members

    INPACS has recently launched its “Sustainability School” to spread knowledge about sustainability topics and encourage and support its members in all their sustainability activities. For example with fact sheets and webinars for various sustainability topics.

    INPACS Goes Circular

    INPACS aims to have all its own brands packaging of its members recyclable until 2030 according to the EU Plastics Strategy target.
    Also various of our suppliers go circular with us!
    Find out which suppliers committed to recyclable packaging or recycled material content in the packaging.


    Our Climate Management Approach

    Analyzing and giving transparency is the first step to climate management. The biggest impact we can have is with avoiding and reducing. In case this is done, “replacing” e.g. the energy with renewable energy or switching to recycled material is an option. Capturing the CO2 from the atmosphere e.g. by tree planting, rewetting moors or other compensation measures should be the last action.

    What are sustainable catering articles?

    In most cases, a reusable catering item is the most sustainable solution. Single-use products are generally not sustainable.

    If only single-use is an option for you, our disposables handbook gives you an overview of the sustainability of the materials.


    The Sustainability Team

    The INPACS sustainability team is working hand in hand with the members and supporting them with their sustainability topics. Next to implementing the sustainability strategy locally within the members we are exchanging with the suppliers and support customers to promote sustainable consumption patterns.

    Julia del Pino
    Head of Sustainability

    Vanessa Hahn
    Sustainable Development Manager

    Tamara Seidl
    Sustainable Development Manager

    Carlotta Biege
    Sustainable Development Manager

    Certifications and Membership

    UN Global Compact member since 2020

    We follow the ten principles of the UN Global Compact on the protection of human rights, fair labour standards, environmental protection and anti-corruption. All INPACS members and suppliers are expected to act accordingly.


    Global Compact Letter of Commitment

    We report according to the criteria of the DNK “sustainability code”

    We regularly report on our sustainability performance according to the Sustainability Code by the DNK (Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitskodex). The Sustainability Code is a guideline for sustainability reporting according to twenty criteria, including the strategy and the depth of the value chain. Over 770 companies have reported according to this code. A public database of these reports is available on the website of the DNK.


    DNK Report 2021

    DNK Report 2019

    DNK Report 2017

    DNK Report 2015

    1st Platinum EcoVadis Medal for INPACS head office

    Our sustainability management was awarded a platinum medal by EcoVadis in 2023.

    We are within the top 1% of all 90,000 companies rated worldwide.


    EcoVadis Certificate 2023

    INPACS EcoVadis Scorecard 2023


    EcoVadis Certificate 2021

    INPACS EcoVadis Scorecard 2021


    EcoVadis Certificate 2019

    INPACS EcoVadis Scorecard 2019


    EcoVadis Certificate 2017


    Quality and Environmental management

    We conduct a quality and environmental management, which is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001.


    DIN EN ISO 9001

    DIN EN ISO 14001


    INPACS Company Policy


    Supplier Code of Conduct


    INPACS Code of Ethics


    Guideline Accepting and Providing of Grants


    INPACS CSR Summary 2022