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    5 years of ALLIA: Concrete results and prominence in the market

    After completing five years of activities, our South American Partner ALLIA accumulates significant numbers: there are more than 30,000 active customers in 1,500 cities, served by hundreds of specialists and 30 distribution centers covering all regions from north to south of Brazil.
    The consolidation of the network reinforces the original commitment to offer national coverage with the quality of local service. „We are the only ones to deliver standardized capillarity to companies operating throughout the country,“ says Ricardo Vacaro, president of Allia’s board, and member of one of the founding companies. „Our geographic expansion was accompanied by a constant alignment and qualification of services, maintaining our initial strategies and vision,“ he adds.

    Increasingly stronger relationships

    The engagement of associated companies is growing and received a boost with the recent launch of the new generation of the Higindoor Chemical line. „We closed 2020 with the majority of the supply chain of our associates passing through the network, which is an important indicator on the standardization of services,“ said Rodrigo Senday, executive director of ALLIA.
    The progressive exchange of experiences with global partners INPACS and NETWORK completes the network strengthening framework. „While Allia’s internationalization to South America is underway in Chile for an INPACS customer, we are implementing in Brazil the European Digital system for network management “Orbita” and, at the same time, our experience with the launch of our “own brands” also serves as best practices exchange with them,“ Rodrigo said.