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    Betta-Service opens new online shop

    Our colleagues from Betta-Service are proud to share their new achievements with you. As Betta-Service is developing and improving its assortment and service every day, they recently opened the online shop.

    This is a new level of service quality for their existing customers and attracting new segments of buyers. The bs24 online shop provides a large choice of professional products and guarantees ease of purchase. A team of specialists worked hard to create an online store in order to consider all the nuances of the selection and purchase process, delivery and payment of the order. It has a number of advantages and innovations like product and price comparison, faster response to buyer demands, online tracking and many more.

    The bs24 online store simplifies the selection process, speeds up the delivery of goods and saves customers’ time.

    Betta-Service develops the Ukrainian market of professional products for hygiene and cleanliness striving to provide the highest service to each client.

    An online store is a complex mechanism that requires constant technical modification, improvements in web processes and promotion, updating. And Betta-Service’s team continues to expand and create content, especially video-content, extend the list, implement the most modern e-commerce mechanics and improve the promo.

    And they are really happy to meet the needs and requirements of their customers.