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    Climate Balancing Training done – let’s get it started

    In the last weeks, INPACS has conducted three digital trainings on the creation of a Climate Balance according to the GHG Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard.

    Members from France, UK, Italy, Poland, Denmark, Australia, Spain, Latvia, Montenegro, Greece, Austria, Croatia, and Ukraine have participated, and we discussed practical questions like:

    What can the Climate Balancing tool do for you?
    Who should fill it out and gather the needed data?
    How is the tool connected to your sales work?
    To what extent will it help you in your EcoVadis evaluation?

    As transparency is the very first step for systematic Climate Action, we expect all INPACS members to report on their greenhouse gas footprint starting with the reporting period 2020. At this point, we want to thank Hazet from the Netherlands, Adisco in France, Norengros in Norway as well as Wigthman and Parrish from UK for sharing their data with us as the first. Congratulations to your far-seeing engagement!

    The climate balance will create the basis for our members to identify their main emission sources and to formulate ambitious reduction targets. And those reports are going to enable us to formulate a global Greenhouse Gas Reduction Target, which we can then pursue as ONE TEAM.

    With climate change being one of the most urgent issues of our time, we hope that by this aligned approach we can take the appropriate responsibility as key actor in global supply chains.