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    INPACS and Supersteam join forces

    INPACS is excited to announce our partnership with Supersteam, a leading distributor of Cleaning Machines and Equipment in Singapore. The collaboration promises to redefine distribution and procurement services, unlocking new possibilities for delivering exceptional global customer service in the Singaporean market.


    Supersteam’s decision to become a part of the INPACS network showcases their vision for growth and reflects their belief that INPACS offers a distinct platform for businesses, including private and family-owned enterprises, to not only survive but flourish in a rapidly evolving industry.


    José Del Pino, CEO of INPACS, highlighted the global perspective of this partnership, stating, „This collaboration represents a significant stride towards our global expansion. Supersteam’s profound understanding of the Asian market and their well-established relationships with trusted producers make them a valuable local partner within the INPACS network. Supersteam’s commitment to enhancing INPACS’s capabilities in serving international accounts in the Asian market aligns seamlessly with our vision of global customer service excellence.“


    Dylan Ng Terntzer, Co-Founder and Director of Supersteam, shared their perspective, saying, „We are thrilled to be part of the INPACS network, a network known for its commitment to excellence and knowledge sharing. This partnership allows us to take our business to new heights and continue our journey of delivering top-quality products and solutions to our customers. We look forward to contributing our market insights and expertise to the network and elevating industry standards.“