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    Corporate sustainability reporting is gaining more and more importance, especially in the light of ever stricter regulation at national and international level.

    To monitor our contribution to sustainability, the INPACS headquarters have been reporting according to the renowned Sustainability Code in a two-year rhythm since 2015.

    The Sustainabilty Code is a way for companies and organisations to report on their sustainability performance based on 20 criteria and a selection of performance indicators. The reports of companies are publicly available in the Code’s Database. The Code was created by the German Council for Sustainable Development.

    While the reporting is only the starting point of any corporate sustainability effort, it can help companies with examining areas they had not previously considered through the lens of sustainability.

    The mentions of INPACS’ answers along the criteria StrategyObjectivesResponsibility, and Resource Management as examples of how to answer the questions of the Sustainability Code have been a welcome additional confirmation of our work. Understanding our strengths and shortcomings is key to effective work on sustainability issues.