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    INPACS sustainability performance as customer service

    Large corporations, as many of our customers, are facing strongly increasing regulation regarding their sustainability impact along their supply chains. Germany just passed a „Supply Chain Due Diligence Act” and in many other European countries similar regulation is on its way.

    This points out an important development: In future, our customers will rely on credible and consistent data about the sustainability performance not just within our network, but also of about our suppliers. Luckily, INPACS has already started this process many years ago together with EcoVadis.

    Currently, 25 of our suppliers have published an EcoVadis scorecard, reaching an average score of 56.8 (silver medal).

    Within our network, already 30 INPACS members or members’ members have gone through the EcoVadis evaluation, reaching an overall score of 59 points in 2020 (silver) and showing an improvement by two points compared to 2019. The INPACS Head Office itself received the highest EcoVadis medal, Platinum, in March 2021, for an advanced and proactive CSR approach.

    INPACS is constantly working on delivering a complete and reliable picture towards our customers about our sustainability performance, thus increasing our Added Value towards our global customers.