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    New INPACS Member in Serbia

    In order to respond to the increasing demand of our International accounts to provide our products and services in Serbia, INPACS is very pleased to welcome the company MG d.o.o. as an INPACS Member with effect from 1st September 2020. MG d.o.o. is the new official representative throughout Serbia and owned by Zoran Bogdanovic and Goran Mitrovic.




    Since its foundation in 2000 MG d.o.o. has established itself as expert in the cleaning industry in Serbia. Through its expertise and a comprehensive product portfolio, ranging from cleaning and hygiene to personal protective equipment, MG d.o.o. has become, the most reliable partner for the B2B market in Serbia, especially in the industry segment. INPACS is delighted to have found a suitable partner to further expand the business in Serbia with our INPACS suppliers and to ensure best-in class service for our International Accounts.  MG d.o.o. is an ISO certified partner who follows the INPACS quality standards and sustainable commitment.

    With 35 employees, including a highly dedicated sales team, MG d.o.o. offers:

    – Own delivery and warehousing capacity

    – Expertise in various customer groups, especially industry, hospitality and health care

    – Product portfolio ranging from janitorial to PPE

    – Private label products in washroom

    – and is an innovation seeking company

    Comment Goran Mitrovic: “MG d.o.o. is happy to join the INPACS Network because we aim to develop our organization strategically. In INPACS, we have found a strong partner who will help us to expand our product range, to drive digital transformation and get ready for the right sustainable approach in our market.”

    Comment José Del Pino: “The increasing demand of our International Customers in Serbia has experienced an exponential increase in the past months. The process of ensuring the best-in-class service to them, it is with no-doubt exciting. MG shares our vision and our service oriented philosophy, and as family-owned business, INPACS is proud and sure of the long path of cooperation with all our partners, as reliable partner”.

    We are happy to welcome MG d.o.o. as a highly professional and responsible organization.