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    Pamark + Medkit = Pamark Group

    March 2021 – a great date in our increasingly extensive and deep history. PAMARK, our family business in Finland and owned by the Family Nevas, merged with another Finnish family-owned business, the company MEDKIT, under the new company name PAMARK GROUP.

    The INPACS Family congratulates both of them and welcomes the MEDKIT group into our organisation.

    The synergies to be unlocked out of this partnership, within the INPACS frame, are significant, not only through the combination of PAMARK’s knowledge on the Cleaning & Hygiene and Foodservice sector, but also MEDKIT’s strong knowledge in Medical and PPE. Apart from that and for many years both companies have been developing strong digital capabilities, which without a doubt helped them to grow over-proportionally during the pandemic.

    The NEW PAMARK GROUP represents without a doubt a unique Supply Solution in Finland, with strong management and team in place, as well as the long-term vision to expand their footprint.

    Almost 16 years of membership of PAMARK. A family company at that time, with similarity to many other distributors in Europe, where globalization was the major trend and where our Finnish partner had a good Added-Value Proposition towards its customers, based on few but solid businesses, principally with only one major supplier per product category. Through the years, and the INPACS support, PAMARK has developed significantly its supplier portfolio, becoming the multi-brand distributor in the region and reinforcing its position significantly.

    MEDKIT arrives at INPACS at the right moment, where INPACS is initiating the expansion of its suppliers´ and sourcing´ programs on PPE and MEDICAL. MEDKIT will allow us to add more volume, together with the significant business that some members do have in this area.

    “At this stage, I would like to thank both families, not only for doubling our footprint in Finland in terms of sales, but also for such a courageous decision. A decision that shows think-out-of-the-box paths to at least have a look at”, José Del Pino, CEO INPACS.