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    Solidarity with our Ukrainian friends through support of UNICEF

    In February 2022, an unthinkable war broke out in Europe. Our lives just changed overnight. Now, several months later, adaptation to new conditions may result in a decrease of help to the society, which is primarily suffering from the consequences of this cruel war – the Ukrainian people.

    INPACS GmbH decided to strengthen its solidarity with our Ukrainian friends through the support of the United Nations Children’s Fund UNICEF, thanks to the advice of our Ukrainian member Betta-Service. UNICEF has special programs to support children who unfortunately were forced to flee to other regions in Ukraine or abroad. Today we call on our friends and the business community to keep the solidarity with Ukraine.

    Children are our present and future and are among the most vulnerable members of our society. Being an integrated part of the community with the family business DNA we consider this support very important and trust that, with the help of UNICEF, it will be delivered where it is needed most.