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    VARIO Initiative

    Sustainable Development + Global Handwashing Day = Better Together

    Dear INPACS members,

    Vario would like to introduce their initiative called „second hand devices for a good purpose“. This initiative is aiming to the reuse of all the devices that are being returned to them (e.g. defective devices, returned devices from facilities where the supplier has changed, devices that Vario has proposed to be replaced by more modern and innovative systems). These devices will be collected from the warehouse/ technical department and will be cleaned, repaired and reinstalled in order to make them ready for use. Afterwards, Vario is going to donate and install them at NGOs, schools, hospitals, nursing homes etc. and along with the dispensers Vario offers refills. At the same time, they intend to organize, if this is possible due to current Covid-19 circumstances, on-site hygiene trainings on proper handwashing. As a result, Vario helps in various ways the weakest parts of our society and especially children and elderly people, also they will reduce their plastic waste.

    Regarding this initiative, Mr. Panagiotis Papadimitriou, Managing Director of VARIO, stated: „For all of us at VARIO, a family-run company, acting in a sustainable way is in our nature and an integral part of our business with a focus to contribute to wellbeing, sustainable consumption and a circular society. Our aim is to become a zero-waste organization and to reduce our environmental footprint with sustainable decisions in a profitable organic growth. Sustainable development within a business can create added value for the customers, the society and the environment and, according to multiple surveys, an environmentally sustainable organization is the key to attract and retain talent. VARIO has a clear message, containing the 4R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Replace and Recycle, aiming to contribute to a better, healthier and more sustainable world and become aligned with INPACS’ vision in order to become the sustainability expert and visioner in the markets in which we operate“.

    As VARIO, they celebrate the Global Handwashing Day combined with the above-mentioned initiative. More specifically, they install multiple dispensers along with 12 months refills to the homes of the voluntary non-profit organization of mother and child protection „Ark of the World“. These homes raise children of different ages, irrespective of their nationality and origin, in order to protect children from any form of violence, poverty etc. and provide them with a safe living environment where they can enjoy everything necessary for their healthy physical, mental, emotional and social development. At the same time, VARIO’s „hygiene experts“ visit these homes in order to assist children in developing healthy habits and give them an appreciation for and an understanding of the benefits of handwashing. At Vario, they strongly believe that children are the hope and the future of our world, so they have to teach/ show them that „clean“ hands may not be so clean after all and that washing their hands can prevent the spread of multiple diseases (incl. Covid-19). For all of the people at VARIO, the celebration of Global Handwashing Day combined with a sustainable initiative is a clear proof that Vario is in the right path towards the implementation of our vision, to become the sustainability expert and visioner in the market in which we operate.